Step Malta Conference

Ich freue mich auf zwei spannende Tage auf der Step Malta Conference. Die Agenda sieht vielversprechend aus:

  • Wednesday, March 5, 2014
  • 6:00 PM  –  8:00 PM
    Welcome Cocktail Reception
    Quarterdeck Bar, Hilton Hotel
  • Thursday, March 6, 2014
  • 8:00 AM
    Exhibits open
    8:50 AM
    Welcome from STEP Malta
    Jean-Philippe Chetcuti, Chairperson STEP Malta Branch
    9:00 AM
    Keynote Address
    Hon. Prof. Edward Scicluna, Minister For Finance, Malta 
    9:15 AM
    Challenges for Future Regulations
    • Global changes in this Regulatory Environment
    • Malta overview
    • Update, Trust & Trustee Act

    Professor Joe Bannister, Chairman MFSA 

    10:00 AM
    Rolling out the red carpet, global residence and citizen programmes for HNWIs
    • An overview of the global market in residence and citizenship programmes 
    • A tour of the main global residence and citizenship programmes across the world 

    Nick Rollason, Partner Kingsley Napley, UK 

    10:45 AM
    Networking and Refreshments
    11:15 AM
    Corporate Structuring through Malta
    • Features of international taxation in Malta Tax Law
    • Double taxation relief in Malta
    • Structuring opportunities

    Chris Curmi TEP, Partner, Deloitte Malta

    12:00 PM
    Advising the Asian HNWI Family
    • Cultural differences and requirements
    • The need for ongoing control
    • The desire for legitimate privacy
    • A case study

    Mark Lea TEP, Partner, Lea & White Solicitors

    12:45 PM
    Lunch sponsored by Deloitte 
    2:00 PM
    Option 1 International Topic: International aspects & challenges of Malta as a Maritime Jurisdiction
    • A responsive and approachable EU VAT regime
    • The stance taken by other EU maritime jurisdictions as regards VAT
    • The quality of professional advisers and the reputation of the Maltese Shipping Registry
    • Facilities and capacity in Malta and elsewhere

    James Lawson, Partner, Hill Dickinson

    2:00 PM
    Option 2 Domestic Topic: Malta Residence Schemes
    • Options for taking up residence in Malta
    • Main difference in the residence routes available
    • How to identify the best route for your client

    Dr Priscilla Mifsud Parker TEP, Partner, Chetcuti Cauchi Advocates

    2:00 PM
    Option 3 Malta Tax Treaty Application
    • Malta recent Double Tax treaties
    • Trends and features in recent treaties
    • Practical applications of Malta treaty network

    Neville Gatt, Partner, Partner, PWC Malta

    2:45 PM
    Change rooms to main conference room
    3:00 PM
    Ethic & Ethos
    • What goes wrong when companies ‘turn bad’?
    • What management mistakes often lead to disasters?
    • Are ethics just a precaution?
    • Why do people see profits and morals as contradictory?

    Robert Hunter TEP, Partner, Herbert Smith Freehills LLP Kindly Sponsored by Finance Malta  

    3:45 PM
    Networking and Refreshments
    4:15 PM
    Trusts in perpetual motion: a review of recent cases affecting trusts and trustees around the world
    • Defective exercise of powers: implied exercise and aiding defective execution
    • Deferring vesting: exercising dispositive powers
    • Insolvent trusts: position of trustees and creditors
    • Bribes and secret commissions: ownership and constructive trusts

    David Brownbill QC TEP, XXIV Old Buildings, London

    5:00 PM
    Day 1 Close
    6:00 PM
    Networking Reception and Dinner
    Bacchus Restaurant, Mdina
  • Friday, March 7, 2014
  • 8:00 AM
    Welcome Refreshments
    Exhibits open
    9:00 AM
    Welcome from STEP Worldwide
    Helene Lewis TEP, Chair STEP Worldwide
    9:15 AM
    Overview of challenges – the regulatory deluge from FATF to FATCA
    • Managing the move to global automatic information exchange.
    • The focus on beneficial ownership and PEPs as anti-money laundering regimes tighten.
    • Developing coherent strategies for IFCs
    • How should businesses meet the challenges?  

    George Hodgson, Deputy Chief Executive, STEP

    10:00 AM
    Case Studies in the use of Foundations under Maltese Law
    • A Foundation for a charitable purpose
    • A Foundation for a lawful private purpose e.g. holding of shares
    • A Foundation used in a Securitisation Structure
    • A Foundation for a division of an Estate after death of a testator

    Max Ganado TEP, Managing Partner, GANADO Advocates

    10:00 AM
    Networking session and refreshments
    11:15 AM
    Changing UK tax environment for HNWIs
    • Statutory residence test
    • UK property
    • General anti-abuse rule
    • Cross-border exchange of information and tax enforcement

    Jonathan Conder TEP, Partner, Macfarlanes

    12:00 PM
    US Tax Aspects, FATCA Implementation
    • What is FATCA and what does it mean to financial institutions and their clients?
    • Where are we on the road to full implementation?
    • The impact of FATCA in the context of global transparency
    • The move towards multi laterial automatic exchange of information …. are we there yet?

    Simon Beck TEP, Partner, Baker & McKenzie

    12:45 PM
    Lunch sponsored by Griffiths + Associates Ltd 
    2:00 PM
    Option 1 The Fourth AML Directive – what’s impacting the trusts and trustees sector?
    • The perceived Money Laundering red flags through using trusts
    • Why the need for a Fourth Directive?
    • An overview of the EU Fourth AML Directive and what’s in it for trusts
    • Practical issues in getting ready for the fourth AML Directive

    Juanita Bencini, Partner, KPMG Malta

    2:00 PM
    Option 2 Domestic Topic: Aviation & Maritime
    • Highlights of the legal regime supporting these industries
    • Strength and solidity of the legal system
    • Why owners and financiers draw comfort from the laws in place
    • Legal support which is constantly being updated

    Ann Fenech, Managing Partner, Fenech & Fenech Advocates

    2:00 PM
    Option 3 Information exchange in practice
    • Information exchange agreements
    • How tax authorities are using information – a UK perspective
    • Practicalities of dealing with the tax authorities Martin Callaghan, Senior Tax Manager, BDO LLP, UK 
    2:45 PM
    Change rooms to main conference room
    3:00 PM
    EU Cross Border Succession
    • The Succession Regulation (EU) effective on 17th August 2015
    • Practical impact of this attempt to rationalize private international law
    • EU Regulations on the Acceptance of Public Documents and on Matrimonial Property Regimes
    • The future landscape in the EU for estate planning

    Richard Frimston TEP, Partner & Head of Private Client, Russell-Cooke LLP

    3:45 PM
    Networking and Refreshments
    4:15 PM
    Trust in Commercial Transactions
    • Trust in financial transactions
    • Trust in Lehman Brothers collapse and the lessons to be learnt
    • Overlap between trusts and financial regulations  Speaker to be advised due to late change 
    5:00 PM
    Final remarks and close
    Jean-Philippe Chetcuti TEP, Chairperson, STEP Malta
    6:00 PM
    Post Conference Social Event
    Blue Elephant Restaurant, Hilton Hotel

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